Michelangelo Book  Was Michelangelo Buonarroti the ultimate artist?

The works of Michelangelo are an intimate insight into the superb mind of a remarkable man. A man who raised "playing with art" to the highest level. He played well with the most brillant thinkers, writers, and artists of his day.

David - is housed at the Galleria della Academia  David is perhaps the world's most famous statue.

Michelangelo carved this statue from a single block of marble from Carrera, Italy. The museo Galleria della Academia in Florence, Italy is very proud of its most famous art piece.

St. Peters in Rome  The St. Louis Art Museum has this Pannini painting

The painting of the interior of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome by Giovanni Paolo Pannini is a major St. Louis Art Museum attraction. Visitors are constantly amazed because no matter where they stand to look, the perspective changes with them. It "follows them around the room."


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Looking up in the Sistine Chapel

Murano Glass Ceiling

Murano Glass Ceiling in Rome Almost Rivals the Sistine Chapel